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My son, age 11, great skier already, announced he wants to learn tele this year. I found some newer asolo extreme race boots from a woman at a garage sale, so I think those will work. Now I'm looking for some 140cm old school (not parabolic) skis that are lightweight and some bindings. So if anyone has some old kids stuff hanging around, let me know.


Anyone have experience dealing with kids on tele yet?

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Patience? I read an article (online) a few years back about a guy who shepherded his son towards tele and had him making turns at age 9. Can't remember were I found the article but I do remember him saying to simply start out with a fair bit of cross country (w/out too much downhill) to familiarize with the free heel and definitely work on the tele turns at the lifts for more immediate successes and reps.


We have some Rossi Telebirds with voile 3 pins and cables. They're 160s though. Let me know if you are interested.


Our 3 year old just started on alpine, can't wait to make tele turns next to him!

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Believe me I have prepped him that he will be totally humbled again! He's already a little too cocky (with me anyway) about his abilities on alpine. He does hike with me and is seeing the advantages of tele skis for that. I'm not going to push it hard, thus the reason I don't want to spend a lot of $$ on gear he'll out grow in another year.


The good news is that he made me teach him to ski the first time and actually wants me to do it again. My premise has always been "don't teach family and friends how to ski!"

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