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Ramona Falls, Mt. Hood


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Funny you should mention that..........

It seems I skied in ther with the Honorable Sorcerer named Tim and we proceded to do the 1st ascent of a killer M3 or so mixed kill pitch. It can be t.r.'ed, but I found it to be a serious lead. It can be found to the left of the falls 100' or so. Bolt city on the potential of the main wall. mediocre rock? You really need to ask Tim Olson yourself. The true Conessuire of choss gaging

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I tried that once. We skied in there through knee-deep snow and climbed rotten rime on the left side of the falls. I chickened-out about halfway up, threw a sling around a tree and lowered off. We messed around on toprope for awhile until some shutterbug on snowshoes following our trench started giving us a hard time for “ruining” the ice!


At one time, I mentioned the wall in question to his Timness. I can’t remember exactly what he said about it, but he wasn’t wildly enthusiastic.

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