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Mt. Jefferson


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I'm thinking of climbing Jefferson this weekend, 27th-28th. Has anyone done this recently or in this time frame? Any thoughts, pertinent advice, etc.? I'm primarily interested in the prefered way up the summit block, and which glacier (Jefferson Park/Whitewater) is generally better.





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Originally posted by Crackbolter:

You suck! Come climbing in Veavengirth! Bolt so me cracks and
[big Drink]
and sketch and
[big Drink]
and rattle and
[big Drink]
and pop and
and wake up and
[big Drink]
and hike hungover like me!



Soon enough. In the meantime I'll relish this wee little tire I'm putting on and keep playing mule.


To pop this back to front, anyone yet with ideas on Jefferson? Nasty? Scary? Should I Bosch the summit pinnacle, or just go straight to via ferrata?



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This is Gaper_#1,


I have seen alpinist Jerome he moves fast. Very fast. I cannot move that fast. I have respect, hopefully he comes to the bolt war thread and speaks sense though......... That is the true test.


Gaper_#1 Has spoken. [Cool]

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