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  1. Being a dumbass flatlander, lets see...? 1) Dog leash as a gear sling, cause dog chewed gear sling. 2) Sand wedge as climbing axe...
  2. Lynx in the Oregon cascades?

    Never mind the Lynx, it's the "Oregon Cougars" that men need to watch out for. Oregon Cougar, n. 40 + woman seeking to shag the bag off of any much younger male.
  3. OE 800

    Rudders suggests that everyone try filtering some Hurricane through the kidney...
  4. Cascade Summer Dream Tick?

    Lambs slide on Longs... Legalize the weed an I will say thank heaven.
  5. Sam's writing test...

    Is that the kind of Orange bitch you had?
  6. White Water Kayak Starter Kit

    take it to yard sale pal.
  7. Muir on Saturday

  8. Mt. Shasta Although these yuckos do not shit all over themselves they kinda, in a weekend warrior kinda way try to explain why they climb. Their words brought a small tear to my eye!
  9. Roping Up

    I think that it would be, "did not learn and died!"
  10. Mt. Jefferson / Jefferson Park Glacier

    Does this mean that skis are essencial to a happy round trip?
  11. In Praise of Scot'teryx

    No matta' how much Scotty' Diamond gits out, no matta' how much he posts, no matta' how sheeit he manages his real own sucka'al web site, Scotty'Diamond be still,as Alpine K states, "one downtight bastard, such an downtight fuck." ah' am wid Alpine K... Quit bein' some bitch...
  12. Mt. Jefferson / Jefferson Park Glacier

    I am gonna take tele skis and hustle up the N Milk Creek Gully and most likely ski down the same way from where I came. I just have some nice boots I wanted everyone to see how good I look in them. Thanks
  13. I love riding the frshiez autosig's coattails. During my daily routine as an educator at a public high school, Although I highly value and plan to have a satisfying experience, ie., climbing and summiting Mt Shasta via the Hotlum Headwall Ice Gully, summiting is not the end result for me. The entire experience is the draw that keeps me coming back. The preperation, such as the food, map,beer purchase, convincing the girl to fly out, and picking her and her gear up. Driving there college road trip style (girl is for road dome) and not being arested. Getting to the trail head and packng my sack with the minimum amount of gear and heading of into the wilderness with the feelings of anticipation. Then the actual route finding and physical issues are all that matters, as well as keeping the girl at a pace that will not kill her. And so on. What I am getting at is that for many even the summit via the hardest route is not enough, however, since I live and work in a "shitbag," a safe and adventerous outdoor experience is all that I yearn for.
  14. Roping Up

    Save the two climbers on a rope with tons of spread between them for the big glaciers in Alaska. Go with Iain's suggetsion!!! Special note!!! All of the climbers on a rope team should be completely versed in safe alpine traveling techniques and avalanche awareness procedures. !!!If you do not know, then you should not go!!!!!
  15. death in the mountains