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[TR] Blodgett Canyon


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Well I won't do much talking and I will let the photos speak for themselves. So here they are.







Shoshone Spire



Nez Perce







Bowman Climbing on Shoshone Spire




Try and do all three in a day; it is called the triplet.


It was a fun weekend. The rock is pretty good. If I were to go back I would focus on timebinder and my mammas muscle shirt.

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I left Montana because the rock was too unstable.

Take that 200' hand crack immediately around the corner to the right of the sw butt on np. All you have to do is get around the 3000# loose flake at the top. Don't take a belayer you like.

And that route on Shoshone was done in Fire's and had to be cleaned. Even the classic Ballard-Evringham route has guano ledge where no man is safe. Those dive-bombing swallows will paste you with malice. It leaves you on a very uncomfortable ledge while they don't even use the front porch size ledge under their colony.

Yeah. Go to City of Rocks in Idaho. You don't have to hike anywhere either.

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