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How do route "Grades" work?


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Grade snaf.gif You might see a Snafflehound

Grade snaf.gifsnaf.gif You will probably see a Snafflehound

Grade snaf.gifsnaf.gifsnaf.gif You will definitely see a snafflehound

Grade snaf.gifsnaf.gifsnaf.gifsnaf.gif You will see many snafflehounds during the day. They will try to eat your lunch.

Grade snaf.gifsnaf.gifsnaf.gifsnaf.gifsnaf.gif You will see snafflehounds every 5 or ten minutes. During the daytime, they will nibble on your rope while you are leading a pitch. At night, they will chew holes in your cached food bag and in your tent. A snaf.gif will steal one of your boots and crap in the other one.


Grade snaf.gifsnaf.gifsnaf.gifsnaf.gifsnaf.gifsnaf.gif You will be killed and eaten by snafflehounds.

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I think Dru's description was pretty good. Though he maybe factoring in approach times too which i don't. I know the approach/hike out on the ne butt on slesse took about as long if not longer than the climb. I also think lots of quote classic grade V are know grade IV thanks to rising standards, liberty crack, slesse ne but, beckey-chounaird etc.


ps. Jens I am sure your route on johanessburg was harder and longer than slesse but you can't really compare times for new routes with times on well travelled classics!

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