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approach skis question

David Trippett

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Hi, a question ....


I am planning a trip to Alaska this spring and I'd like to get some skis to get around with. I'd like to be able to use my mountaineering boots and I want to spend less than 100$. Is it possible to retrofit some x-country skis with some sort of binding I could use with my climbing boots? Has anyone used the karku karvers(not <100$)?




I'd like to hear about any creative solutions you may have. I am primarily concerned about transport and secondly downhill performance.


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Interesting ski. You could pull some sick ski ballet moves on those puppies. However, I'd pass them up for Alaska. I don't think you'd derive much benefit from the short length since maneuverability through trees and shit isn't an issue. I'm an advocate of fat skis, but for climbing in the Alaska Range you're pretty much slogging on glaciers where the snow isn't too deep, and you want something skinnier to track better. I also wonder about the The "built in skin" and how that would work on steeper terrain and how it effects glide while going down.


I'd reccomend trying to find some used Silveretta 500's and just finding some old cheepo alpine boards that are relatively skinny and light and skins to use.


Ultimately you'd want something light but with some decent girth, like 75 or 80 or so at the waist, but you might end up spending more than $100 for them.


I wouldn't try to do anything "creative," because skis will be your primary / only form of transportation on the glacier, and you'll want something that works well.

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I got a pair of Silveretta 440's used on ebay for 80 bucks. Work great with my ice climbing boots and have decent up and down performance. I have used them for long ice climbing/mountaineering approaches and have been pretty satisfied. Have fun up north.




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