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Enchantments, Little Annapurna


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Went in via Snow Creek. No snow till Lake Viviane. Snow makes trail hard to follow thereon out. Little Annapurna pretty easy, at most you'd need 4-pt crampons with your ice axe. Spectacular views.

Exited via Asgard. Still snow to Asgard Pass, going down pretty much snow free. Asgard Pass to Colchuck Lake was the most treacherous part of the trip with loose rocks and boulders. Staying on trail difficult, routefinding easy. Spectacular scenery again coming down Asgard.

Most of the lakes up there have melted free of ice except for those lakes around Little Annapurna. Plenty of free flowing water all around so why bother packing extra weight when it's so readily available?

I'd love to go back to Little Annapurna just for the awesome scenery it provided although I wouldn't do this as a day trip again... close to 27 miles r/t to car at Snow Creek?

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No, I was the sorry, solo dude that wasn't successful at hitch-hiking down Icycle Creek Road yesterday. Once past 8 mile, I just got pissed and figured if I went this far I could finish it off without a damn ride.

I only climbed Little Annapurna. I had no clue what Asgard held in store for me, that was my first time on it. A 13 hour day, so not too long.

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I think we passed Sunday around noon. I did the same loop going the opposite direction. Parked at Snow Lakes th, walked up past 8 mile cg, and I was the happy, lucky, successful hitchiker that got a ride from there 5 miles to Stuart Lk. th. Hiked up Aasgard pass, hiked up Little Annapurna, and down past Snow Lake. I like going up Aasgard Pass much better than down it. Since I only hked 21 miles instead of 27 I had time to stop and enjoy the scenery. Saw a party of twenty (yes 20!) heading up Colchuck col and three on S. Face Prussik. I recommend this as it is one of my favorite conditioner hikes.

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