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[TR] South Africa- Chosspile and Malisberg 4/2/2005

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Climb: South Africa-Chosspile and Malisberg


Date of Climb: 4/2-3/2005


Trip Report:


Well I made down to Johannesberg, South Africa for work. After reading all kinds of articles for climbing in SA, I was quite excited since I have not done much since I have been here in Rwanda.


It was a little difficult trying to line up partners down there. It seems that people don't use computers as much as we do in the States, but eventually I was able to get line up some partners.


First person I hooked up with was Hansie. He was doing some visiting of family and friends and want to get out and climb. Works for me. He picked me up at my hotel once he found it, then we spent about 30 minutes trying to find our way of the city, I was worried that we wouldn't even make it to a crag. Eventually we arrived at the crag after about hour of driving. It was a smallish E38 style crag, bolt protected, slightly better rock, but much more scenic.



A view of an untouched overhanging wall.



The view from the cliff of the surrounding country side.



The waterfall that was near the cliff, with the damn in the background.



We spent the day there climbing. We did about 5 or 6 routes and I was cooked at the end. Made me realize how out of shape I have gotten in since I have been in Rwanda. Oh well, it felt great to get out on the rock. Here some pics.


Hansie heading up the second route of the day.



Me heading up the third route of the day.



Hansie taking on a short steep overhanging one move wonder.



We finished the day hanging by the waterfall drinking some beers and talking about the day. I was glad to see climbers down in South Africa are like climber everywhere else I been.


Well the next day I made plans to get together with some folks from the South African Mountain Club. Essentially South African Mounties. It was me and older couple and friend of theirs. This time getting out of the city was much easier since my guides were from Johannesberg, though it took just as long to get to the parking lot (2 hours). It was beautiful out there, though it was raining.


The hike in didn't look promising.



Well we had an hour to walk into the crag so we were hoping that it would clear up, since it never rains steadily all day long in South Africa? An hour later we were in the kloof, it was awesome looking. The rock was just like in the Gunks, steep and lots of roofs. We hike down to the base and hung out for while drinking tea, and hoping, but it never cleared. Oh well I will have something to go back to.


The main wall



The second biggest wall all the climbing was about 2 pitch routes.


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Cool Ken! Good to hear your getting around down there. Definitly unique experiences and totally adventurous in there own way. Any interesting interactions with the locals? What else you been up to?

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The interaction with locals mainly consist of them shouting Muzungo, and them spending the rest of the time staring at my every move. Seeing a Muzungo out in the village is way more exciting than watching the corn and bannanas grow, I guess. I did have a good time visiting my guards family, he and his wife just had another baby so we went to his house out about hour out of town and and about 10 minutes hike in. We sat around in their unlit house drinking beer and bannana beer. We be heading back to his village later for the baptism.


Lately getting into mountain biking. This area is really great for mountain biking even in town, since there are trail everywhere and even more entertaining seeing the crazy Muzungo riding trails that they won't walk their bikes down.


Coming up in May i am going to try and climb some lines on that wall I posted pictures of in Rusumo. Also just found out last night that the Belgian School has a thirty foot climbing wall, now I just need to figure out who to talk to about climbing on it. Aug Mt Kenya, Sept Southern France, maybe Morocco over Christmas, down to Jberg again in June, so I got a lot planned. Being working a ton lately trying to get the lab started up. That's about it.


Been getting on anything lately, haven't seen any TR since Buckner(?).

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Crazy Muzungo,

Thanks for the update. Sounds rad! I've been so busy with skool mostly just cragging, beer drinking, and some skiing. No mountain climbing recently. Keep us updated with the rippin TR's! And drink a bannana beer for me.

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