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Made it!


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Well I freaking made it and all my stuff. What an epic trip, even though nothing eventful happen. I was actually quite surprised, that I made all my flights and arrived on time. Customs was also surprisingly simple, ‘good morning, stamp of the passport, pick up bags, run them through scanner, and then to the car, took no more than 10 minutes from plane to car. Oh yeah one thing funny was that the runway lights weren’t working and so we circled around until it was bright enough to land without the lights. They had announced that we couldn’t land until they fixed the lights, then I heard the landing gear drop and we were going in without any announcement. Hmm, thought that was a little strange, then when we were landing I noticed that the lights weren’t on and there was firetrucks waiting with flashing lights on and everything.


Nothing else to really report on, was jet lagged as all hell, or maybe I am still hung over from Saturday night. Went out to lunch yesterday at the local Intercon Hotel, worked on unpacking my stuff and staying awake so that I can get on a Rwandan schedule. Today I am going to visit a clinic and talk about work. We’ll see.


Will you all get on some ice or snow for me, I think it will be a while.

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Well here is a few picture more to come once I finally get outside and out of town this weekend. This all I have for now.


Our house, the front of it.



This is our back patio, where we eat a lot of our meals.



This is the view from our patio, very green and lush, tons of differrent birds all over the place. Today during lunch a stork flew by and landed in a tree in the backyard.


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