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Haute Roue questions????


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Climb: -


Date of Climb: 1/20/2005


Trip Report:

This is way outside Cali..ANd the PNW..I need some info concerning the Haute route..I have a guide book but I need more personal info..Planning to do it with the wife in July on snowshoes(I know it's a ski route) wife dosen't ski..Fisrt Info on reserving huts and how much? How tech is it...I have glacier/climbing experience..My wife not so much

Just wondering about actual climbing involed or how tricky are the creavases..I know about the leaders(no prob)..Any info would be great....

peace Troy

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Isn't using snowshoes on the HR in July akin to using snowshoes on Rainier in July; it's typically not done or needed. Not sure what the snow conditions would be like then, but seems to me you could probably walk most of it on snow (there are probably some trails out by then too, on some of it??).

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Doing the Haute route on snowshoes seems silly to me. There is definitely technical terrain and you will be exposed to crevasses, albeit there will be a trail to follow. There are some pretty big descents too! In July you will need them in spots so will have to carry them, along with crampons. If you're looking for a great tour in the mountains with your wife and want to stay in huts, I plead with your to consider the Dolomites. You can cover really fun technical ground without using belays on the via ferratta. At least you will have better weather too! Save the Haute Route for skiing! I've done both if you want more info.

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