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New guidebook: "Tieton River Rocks" by Ford&Yoder


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I just bought the new guidebook at Hyperspud Sports (Yakima) and it is excellent. I have been waiting for a comprehensive Tieton guide with awesome photos/beta/ and more for awhile. Ford and Yoder wrote this guide in the same style (fonts, get located crag topos., and great photos.) as the Frenchman Coulee guidebook.


I want to thank Jim Yoder and Marlene Ford for their hard work. "andyf" (ccc.c) has "created and/or assisted with 147 of the 356 routes there (Tieton)" p. 8. "joepuryear" ( ccc.c) has put up many multi-pitch routes up Goose Egg and he has added a few routes to The Talon. Thank you Andy, Joe, and others for making/developing the Tieton into an incredible climbing heaven.


BUY THE BOOK! thumbs_up.gif

Yes, there really is a reason to live in Yakima: the crags are only 30 minutes away, they are always dry, and there is rarely wind.

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OK, so I just spent the last 3 hours or so in my office reading the new guide. To what project do I bill this time? smirk.gif


Seriously, I'm stoked for Tieton multis on Goose Egg. South Fork "hexagonals" look fun, too.


OK, now on to re-reading Alex's and Jason's guide for my upcoming adventures this weeknend...


My boss is gonna kill me if he finds out... pitty.gif

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