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My friend from Europe will spend winter in Pullman (University). Do you have any suggestion for him what to bring to play around (rock gear, backcountry skiing, ice tools ...)?

I am not familiar with the area but I am positive you will give some ideas. confused.gif

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There will likely be LOTS of snow in the Pullman/Spokane area until March, so rock gear is of little use unless you take a road trip to Frenchman Coulee or SoCal. There is a lot of great skiing around there (Schweitzer, Silver, 49 degrees North, and Mt. Spokane) . Go backcounty at any of these places. Pullman gets icey but I do not know where to climb there.

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Ah Pullman, so far from anything, but so close to everything. After being out here for 5 years, Pullman can be a bit frustrating, but if you're willing to drive, it can be manageable.


for example:

winter rock climbing - Frenchman Coulee/Vantage 2.5 hours or Smith - 5.5 hours

winter alpine climbing - Leavenworth 4 hours or Snoqualmie Pass 4 hours

BC Skiing - Wallowas 2.5 hours

Ice - Banff 7 hours or Hyalite 7.5 hours

Resort skiing 2-3 hours


Pullman doesn't get as much snow as people think though. It typically snows and stays for a day or two, then melts off...only to snow again. it does make for good XC skiing at times though. check out the WSU golf course for that stuff.


ice doesn't typically exist out here either, with some exceptions (Bluewood, Chilco Falls). there is some easy dry-tooling at the local choss-crag though. most of the road cuts freeze a couple times a winter, but Johnny Law doesn't seem to like that too much.


resort skiing is the best bet for reliable winter activities, but it requires about 2.5 hours to get to a decent resort. Schweitzer is the best, with Silver being second, IMO.


Vantage/Frenchman Coulee is the "best" for winter rock, but at that it is still a choss-fest. Smith Rock is great too, if you're willing to do the drive. WSU has a good bouldering gym on campus and UI has a good lead wall/tower that costs $5/day if you're not a student.


If it were me, I'd probably just bring BC ski gear and basic climbing gear if I was coming from Europe. There are enough people and resources out here if he needs anything. check out the Outdoor Rec Center at WSU for stuff and the WSU Alpine Club is a good place to meet people.

PM me if you need more info.



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