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Edgeworks opening day


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Not really a "looking for partners" per se, but are any of you gonna be at the new Tacoma gym in the AM on opening day (9/15)? I'll be there to register and prob. boulder a bit before work, so if you are drop me a note or a post and if nothing else we can maybe get some sessions of the " Tacoma chapter " of CC.com. started. I would dig some more motivaton and be psyched to meet some of you folks. wave.gif

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You should wear a pink carnation.


Seriously though, it'd be nice to see a Tacoma Pub Club now and then again, I'd make the jaunt. You're also welcome to come down to Tenino one of these Wed nights Chirp, that is if it ever stops raining cry.gif


I plan to wear a bright yellow shirt smile.gif


I hope we get some folks inspired as I would really love some activity down here, pub club, inspired training sessions and such. My fingers are crossed!

Tenino on Weds eves would be great but alas my work schedule is fixed and I am always the closer at my Starbucks. cry.gif

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Yes! its turning out to be pretty quality! BUT the new holds are hella abrasive, I have some major callous shreds at this time fruit.gif.

Ill be heading out for the wonderland monday but will be back in action asap. It's awesome to have a Tacoma community now.


If you see this dork, pass on a howdy, always looking for a partner and bouldering motivator!. wave.gif


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hey, I saw you yesterday. I was the young guy with all the newbies. I was bouldering most of the time. I'll say hi next time i see you.


This place is sweet. No gym could possible have enough bouldering space, but since the staff is planning on changing the routes every month, i don't think boredom will be a problem.

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Right on!

Yeah, I had a hoot! Its a great gym with dynamic and vital owners. It is easy to nitpick but Tacoma has needed this for a hella long time. I am stoked for the stronger local community it will foster.


I predict in 2 years Fossil Rock will be a burgeoning world class crag because of it! fruit.gif


But yeah rock-ice, drop me a yell if yer there for some bouldering or routes!

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