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  1. Lightbulb moment: Could Icy Hot or the like help prevent frostbite by warming and consequently increasing circulation in extremities? Just a thought...
  2. Hey Bdubs, Just posted my setup here. Shoot me a message if you're interested! Michael
  3. Alpine Touring Setup -- Asking $350 Skis: Rossignol T4 185cm (122-94-112) -- Some repairs, which you can see, but overall great shape. One crack on the top near the tail of one ski. Highlighted in the photos. Bindings: Fritschi Freerides, XL includes breaks Skins: Black Diamond Climbing Skins
  4. Seeking conditions update on lane peak

    Misread the title. Nothing to see here.
  5. I bought these La Sportiva Spectre Alpine Touring (AT) boots (size 30.5) last year and have only skied them three times. I am selling them because they are just a smidge too large for my feet. My loss is your gain. The boots are super light, tech compatible and very nice to walk in given the huge range of motion when in walk-mode. Hopefully the pictures convey what good shape they are in. $300 I'm on the eastside, but can arrange to meet most anywhere in the area.
  6. I've skied these boots three times hoping to make them work, but alas, they are just a smidge too large. I bought them new last year. Asking $375 firm. Hopefully the pictures convey the great shape they are in. These boots are selling online for $650. Shoot me an email if you're interested. I live in Denver now, but will ship.
  7. woah. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-28179914
  8. I'd be really surprised if someone on this board hasn't caught wind of this, but I did not see anything posted, so I am sharing a link to a report of an impressive ski climb and descent. Here you go: http://slcsherpa.blogspot.com/2013/06/mount-rainier-speed-skiing-35755.html?showComment=1370646170663#c6377561125828363462
  9. One adze and one hammer. These tools were brand new when I bought them 1.5 light season of use ago. They are still in great shape as the photos I'll post later attest. These sell for $279 each new online, so I am selling them for $400 for the pair ($158 savings). These are hard to part with and I hope they go to a good home. Thanks.
  10. FS: Golite Jam Green - $50

    Good condition. $50 plus shipping unless you are local and you catch me before I leave town tuesday. Please email me at michaeldavidsonjr at g mail
  11. I'm looking for some cheaper AT Boots. Please shoot me a message if you have something that might do the job. Thanks, Michael
  12. WTB: Alpine Touring Boots 31 (~US13)

    Sent you a PM AJScott. Thanks for the offer, dirt.nerd, but I think I am pretty set on AT.
  13. Winter Ascent of Rainier

    Seems like it is plenty cold right now. . . or was the sun doing a number on the route? http://www.atmos.washington.edu/data/rainier_report.html I've been out of the state for months, though. How warm was it up there, Rowan1?
  14. WTB: Alpine Touring Boots 31 (~US13)

    I am still looking if anyone has any leads. I am going to be in Seattle this weekend and would love to take some boots off someone with similarly giant feet.
  15. Watch recomendations -GPS, Altimeter,

    The problem I have had with my Garmin 305 is that the battery, even at its most conservative setting, runs out in 12 hours max. Its a great tool for running, but when climbing, I would have preferred a barometer-watch. Perhaps the new models have better battery life, though. Just my 2 cents.
  16. CC.com Gear System

  17. Blurr Nitrogen Puffy and Golite Jam Pack

    The Golite Jam rocks, somebody buy this.
  18. [All Gone] Ice Gloves, Ski Pack

    Sent you a PM earlier, Denny.
  19. WTB: Alpine Touring Boots 31 (~US13)

    Can anybody help out a big footed brother?
  20. WTB: Alpine Touring Boots 31 (~US13)

    I would totally take those if I could get my clown feet into them. . . sadly I can't. I'm emailing a friend about that great deal though. Anybody have something a little larger? Mondo size 31?
  21. Grivel Matrix/Quantum Tech

    Wanted to add my 2 cents. I have the quantum techs and love them for water ice. They are light, the picks get great purchase and they look rad. I only wish they had a more substantial spike, but hey, people do big faces with Nomics, and the spike is comprable. Quarks just plunge a lot better.