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Mt Shasta accident


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don't let this happen to you! frown.gif


Climber Rescued


By Paul Boerger Updated: Wednesday, August 18, 2004 6:33 PM PDT link



After being airlifted off Mount Shasta by helicopter, Katlin Jones of Redding is listed in stable condition at Mercy Medical Center Redding after sustaining injuries while climbing on the mountain.


The Siskiyou County Sheriff's Department reported the 22 year old Jones had fallen on her ice axe and punctured her trachea while climbing above Lake Helen.


A US Forest Service team led by climbing ranger Matt Hill started hiking up to the accident site, and Sheriff's Department Sergeant Dave Nicholson began an air rescue operation. Helicopters from the California Highway Patrol and California Department of Forestry were dispatched to the scene.


Hill's party reached Jones and stabilized her until the CDF helicopter arrived and transported her to Lake Helen. A paramedic crew from the CHP helicopter attended to her injuries.


Jones was flown from Lake Helen by the CHP helicopter to Mercy Medical Center Redding.

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I fell once, and went immediatly into self arrest, landed on the shaft of my axe, and broke/cracked a rib. Ow. cry.gifcry.gif


Dru, in my "WFR" course, OEC actually, our best sucking scenario was dude falls on stick while doing stream restoration work... has double(!) wound, one in the back, and one in the front... as long as he is laying down, his rain gear seals the back one. Patch up the obvious one, but as soon as you pick him up to evacuate - he can't breath again! blush.gif

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