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Shasta- time from TH to lk Helen & snow line


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A couple Shasta newbies heading south and trying to plan our drive times, etc. Does anyone have a reasonable estimate of the hiking time from the TH to Lake Helen?


Also, where does the solid snow start...trying to decide on leathers vs. plastics.


Thank you!

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No idea what the conditions are this year. Or what shape you guys are in, but average shape and elevation gain would dictate about 3 hours. When I climbed it in late June a few years ago there was snow just outside the horse camp which is just before all your elevation gain really starts.

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Go to http://www.climbingmtshasta.org/ then click on climbing report.....excellent current data updated every few days by the Shasta Climbing Rangers. National Weather service link there lists the Shasta weather predictions.


Usually takes me 40 mins to Horse Camp, additional 1 plus hour to Lake Helen depending on pack load. Happy Climbing !

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Hey, we were up there about three weeks ago. I think it took us about 3 hours at a pretty consistant, but not fast pace...thre was snow just above the parking lot, but melting fast.


You'd be better off getting an early start when the snow is still hard.


We both had leathers. The snow softened up and the toes of our boots got wet, but they dried out pretty quickly in the sun at camp. Personaly I think plastics are overkill on Shasta, but alot of people use them.


Be prepared to hang out with lots of people! bigdrink.gif


If you ever need a climbing partner for anything south of Eugene ivweme a hollar, I live in Ashland...would like to check out Calahans, Rattlesnake, and Castle Crags... rockband.gif

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