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Cascade Pass Road Conditions?


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Expect to walk across some avalanche debris. I made it to glacier in good time.


It's not the 6-8 hour horror show I read about here unless you need a GPS to cross the debris [Razz] which is becoming better marked with wands every weekend. We just did a day climb on Saturday no problem.....

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Planning a trip up the same route this weekend. Not sure how the whole permitting thing will work out for us though. I know that they allow about 5 permits (good for a party of 6?) a day. We're planning on staying Sat. night in B. basin & would prefer to avoid not getting a permit &/or poaching a camp spot.


Anyway, depending on the size of your party & if/when you plan to overnight in B. basin, any chance you could tack on 2 or 3 additional members to your party (only for permit reasons) when you go to register? My concern is that by the time we show up to register when the ranger station opens Sat. morning, all permits will already be gone.

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