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Learning to Lead in the Portland Area


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If anyone is interested learning to lead bolted routes, Clackamas Community College is offering a class starting in January. Its called Rock Climbing/Intermediate PE 185 124. It is a 1 credit course and costs $65 for the 11 week term and meets Thursday nights from 6:30 PM to 9:20 starting January 5th. Instruction takes place at the college and will cover the basics of leading, anchor building and rappeling. Students must be able to belay and be familiar with basic equipment. Students supply their own harnesses, belay device and rock shoes. If you have any questions you can post them here or call 503-657-6958 ext. 2988.

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I just want to note that I regularly bump into all kinds of people and climb which many of them, some of whom have done the Clackamas CC class.


Every one of the CC college folks has been solid and safer than the casual climbers you usually bump into. Based on what I have seen from the students of ccc, 6 or 7 so far (and not even knowing what classes they took) and not even seeing the course syllabis Don is suggesting, I'd highly recommend the course and the college. Those folks are solid safe, while still recognising they still have some learning left.


Whoever is running the classes out there should be commended.


High regards;


My 2 cents:

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