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  1. 360 degree view of Hood

    Awesome photos. I be off to do the T-line trail and take my own pics in Aug. Nicely done.
  2. fun in oregon?

  3. Avalanche/Accident on North Sister?

    It was NOT a Mazmas climb. Just climbers that are Mazamas members. Very experienced climbers. All have summited Denali. Two summitted Ama Dablam in Nepal. MY thoughts are with them in their recovery.
  4. compressible stuff sacks

    What sizes? How much? You pay shipping. No marriage!
  5. Alpine Ski Trekkers

    The Secura-Fix Trekkers fit alpine bindings sized 26 - 30.5cm. Made in Austria. Never Used. Still Best Offer. Fit upto a Men's 7.5 - 12.0 or Women's 8.5< Still Trying to sell them.
  6. Learning to Lead in the Portland Area

    When does the next session start - March?
  7. Snowshoephobia

    "Skin Is Bliss!"
  8. salomon snowblade for sale

    What are you thinking for $$$?
  9. XC/ Tele skis and bindings - 2 pair

    Ursa Eagle should check these out.
  10. Snowshoephobia

    People still post hole too. Why??!! Skinning's the way to go!
  11. Alpine Ski Trekkers

    Actually they are Secura-a-Fix (brand) Never Ever used! (I tele.) Still have 'em. One guy bought them but he had too big of boots (he, he, if that's possible! ;-) and returned them to me. Size Medium. They fit to a size 10.5 men's Offer?
  12. Vintage ski clothes

    That was pretty funny! So... you can see my dilema. That guy will never get $10 for those glasses. Keep looking... "I SkI" white aviators... I probably need to go to a garage sale in Omaha!
  13. Vintage ski clothes

    Not quite that simple... but you never know who's cleaning the closets... a $ is a $.
  14. Vintage ski clothes

    Looking for good condition 1 piece women's ski outfits sizes 10, 12 and 14. Especially peach, light blue... pastels. Also, looking for men's wind shirts. White "I SKI" sunglasses. I'd appreciate any ideas. Thx.
  15. Too much money?

    It's still over 25 degrees too (for the academics).