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BEST place to get your cams reslung!


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I have to highly recommend Forrest Safety Products as a place to get your cams reslung. The do a great job with spectra webbing, have lots of colors,good prices, quick turnaround, and can do custom work.


I had my Metolious cams reslung with a custom length extendable spectra slings and they turned out great. Highly recommended. A regular looped sling (like BD Camalots or WC Friends) costs $4 and an extendable doubled sling (like DMM) is only $5.


Ask for Dennis.


Forrest Safety Products

248 Bodo Dr.

Durango, CO 81303

Telephone: 970.247.1776



Cheers bigdrink.gif

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RuMR said:

How fast of a turnaround?


He did the work in about 2-3 days. I am sure you could have them faster if you called and talked to him. FWIW, I think he is out of town for the next week, so I would wait until the beginning of Oct to try him.

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