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lummox said:

i ask a simple fucking question and you folks get bent outta shape. fromthe spuds i gleaned this is what the belayer has noted:

1: when he tried it he got gripped.

2: when his partner tried it he fell 'a short 10 foot fall' from a place where 'His foot was maybe 1 foot above the last bolt'.


If a person is about 6', and a foot above the bolt, they would fall about ten feet with rope stretch.


AND, you're a stupid TWAT lummox, BTW..


Note: this is the start of the official "you're a twat, no, you're a twat" thread as distinct from the original accident report.

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lummox said:


i made no assumptions. guess youre no good at reading comprehension.

havent heard that 'pop' yet have ya?

In Scott's thread you said


lummox said:


fucked up the belay didya?

This is an accusation formed as a question. Later in the thread you said

lummox said:


i thinkin that belay werent dynamic if you know what i mean. the belayer coulda reckoned just where the hard parts were and been primed to catch. didya?

this kina shit always makes me sorry for the person hurt and question the competency of the person holding the rope.

Sounds like you made assumptions.
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