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ice at Pan Dome Falls... info needed


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I've heard there is some reasonable ice at Pan Dome Falls at Mt. Baker ski area. Can anyone say where it is located within the ski area? Sounds like it is one pitch and top-ropable.

Also, any clues on other ice reasonably near Seattle? I top-roped some ice above Source Lake near Chair Peak a month ago, haven't been there since.


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Hi Erik, Jason Martin and I are currently writing a guide to Washington State ice climbing. A very early draft may be found here


It will give you some good ideas about local ice both near Seattle and further afield.

A later draft is currently under publisher review. We hope to have the book published and on the shelves for next season.

Alex Krawarik

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Pan dome is very close to chair #1 just past the mid station and to the right. It is a long climb, about 50 meters.

One can walk around to the climbers right and traverse the cliff to get to the top. A short rappel is needed to get to the tree anchors. (tons of various slings) Obviously two ropes are needed to TR this one unless you want to keep the belayer at the top. (an uncomfortable duty) Beware of the snow conditions on this traverse as it is a classic avalanche ready to happen. The ski area does NOT control this area even though it is in the ski area.

There was someone leading it this weekend so maybe the crap snow/ice is hacked off. It is a serious affair due to the unusual nature of the ice on pandome.

Go have fun - gene

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