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TR: South Sister 6/19


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For all of us slogging non-skiers...


Went up south sister on Thursday...didn't get started until 9:30 from Devils Lake, but nonetheless a gorgeous and successful day. The route was in excellent condition for foot traffic. There was a bit of rime ice and hard crust near the summit as the wind was BLOWING but still did it in leather boots and no crampons. Had no problems and only saw two people heading the other direction down near Moraine Lake...a perfect day! So skip the weekend crowds, cut work on Monday, and go climb it before the trail melts out! laugh.gif



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Well, there sher as hell weren't no skeeters up there this weekend! Left for Moraine Lake Sat. about 5 in the rain which turned to sleet which turned to big, heavy wet snowflakes by the time we got to the lake. Made camp outta the wind and underneath the cover of some trees. Wind blew and it sleeted/snowed seemed like all night. So much for the "summer solstice"! Woke up Sunday to sunshine and two inches of fresh snow. Made for good skinning most of the way up except for the "informal" Mazama group that kept crisscossing my skin track and making me wait for them to get out of my way. Overheard from a woman in the group: "those spiny things sure would come in handy right now..." yellaf.gif Priceless. Skiing was good from the top, but got slushy and grabby pretty quick.

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