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Best Boot for the Ruth in March/April


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Looking at a trip in the spring, I am wondering how many folks out there have gotten away with running single layer boots (nepal top or other) at these lower elevations.

I always ran double boots on all my previous Ruth trips, but I seem to remember partners who ran single layer boots that time of year maybe with overbooties?  That was 15/20 years ago.  I know the tech has changed.  



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I think it might depend on when in the spring.  If I were going in early/mid April I would plan on double boots.  If it were a mid or late May trip I would lean towards single boots.  Sometime late April or early May and I would probably bring both.  In 2016 I took Spantiks on a 2 week trip in early May and was happy to have them.  In early May 2021 I took both Spantiks and Nepals and never put the Spantiks on as it was a warm trip.  However a week prior to the 2021 trip it was -20F and I would definitely have worn the doubles.

Personally I am a huge fan of overboots as they definitely give you more latitude in your boot selection.  They also work super well to wear around camp over your down booties (it keeps the snow out and the down booties dry).

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