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Anyone want to climb Mt Hood with us May 13th, 2023?


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Couple of us, limited experienced climbers are going to climb Hood May 13th.  We have mountaineering training from a long time ago and we are quite fit.  We are planning on following groups up, but we would certainly love to have someone in our group that is experienced with Hood.



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Hi, I climbed it solo last year in June.  I was just up at the hogsback last weekend.  I ski down from the hogsback.  I wanted to do another climb to condition for Whitney mountaineers route in June, so if you're still looking for a local by then, let me know.

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I could be convinced to give it a shot... Lived in Portland in the early eighties and have climbed a handful of Hood routes on  various aspects, as well as skiing the South Side from the summit on prehistoric three-pin telemark gear ( it would be way more fun on modern A-T gear!).  I'm seventy years old, so probably slower than you, but that's not likely a problem on Hood...  unless you're in a hurry / impatient.


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