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[TR] Mt. Jefferson - Southwest Ridge 05/22/2022


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Trip: Mt. Jefferson - Southwest Ridge

Trip Date: 05/22/2022

Trip Report:


This past weekend we went out to climb the southwest ridge of Jefferson. We hiked in Saturday afternoon and camped above the avalanche path above Pamelia lake. 


We could not have asked for better weather and the road was open to the trailhead. We were hoping to make it to the summit but from the lake you could see that the rock portion of the route was covered in snow. We made it up to the saddle before the traverse, climbed out to take a peek at the traverse and turned around. 

There were some folks from Seattle on route that I got some photos of. If any of you see this, PM me and I'll send you some photos. 


Gear Notes:

2 quarks, crampons and splitboard

Approach Notes:
Pamelia TH, to PCT to avalanche path

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On 5/23/2022 at 5:08 PM, JasonG said:

Looks like you brought a proper camera. Bravo!

Yeah, it's really worth it when you get to bring the weekend joy into the work week haha

Have you made it to the summit of Jefferson?

Maybe third time will be the charm. 

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