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Flagstone Founder Mark Ashworth Has Passed

Cara Ashworth

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I'm not sure if this is an appropriate place for this but I am trying to find a way to inform the rock climbing community that my dad and Flagstone founder Mark Ashworth passed away last Thursday January 20th. He died due to heart failure complications, at home with family. 

He was talking about Flagstone and climbing just a week or so before passing. He helped develop routes for Hydrotube and many others. I want to thank the climbing community for giving my dad many many years of joy. He told me that mountaineering made him feel free. His health complications made climbing impossible in his later years so while I am heartbroken I hope he's in a mountain range or on a big slab of rock, feeling that freedom once again. 

Thank you,

Cara Ashworth

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A touching message @Cara Ashworth, I am very sorry to hear about the passing of your dad. 

Mark sounded like a great man and I can certainly identify with what drove him to seek freedom in the hills.  I think this is probably the best location for your notice and I hope that some friends of your dad will see it and get in touch with their memories of him.  Please take care and hang in there.

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