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Mt. Shasta Mountaineering


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Hey there! 

I'm a 31 YO male living in the town of Mt. Shasta.  Looking for a mountaineering partner to explore more of Mt. Shasta's glacial and alpine offerings.  My goal is to climb all 14 routes (already have 2 down).  I already have another climber (another Mt. Shasta local, 32 YO male) competent in glacier travel/alpine climbing.  Looking to create at least a team of 3 for safety reasons.  

Former Marine, experienced thru-hiker, high level of experience in map and compass navigation, skier, and beginner glacier travel/alpine mountaineer.  Safety is paramount.  Proper trip planning is essential.  I have a 9mm 40m single dry rope, snow protection, slings/cordette, and use the partner pulley/tibloc/micro traxion Petzl system for crevasse ascent and setting up hauling.  Competent with munter-mule/prussiks/ and other essential mountaineering knots.  I of course have all non-technical gear as well including a 3-person four season tent.  For orienteering I use a map of Mt. Shasta, a high quality compass, and a Garmin GPS.   

My technical skills include: 

1. Self-Ascent out of a Crevasse 

2. Setting Protection 

3. Prepping the lip 

4. Setting up a hauling system 

5. Belaying a climber 

6. Moving on the rope with a running belay 

If you have any interest in teaming up please send a text to: (831) 345-9638.  My first name is Theo.  

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