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Baker North Ridge conditions inquiry


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The snow might be crazy sticky on the way down.  It was on Monday.  Bring a scaper and a small can of WD-40.  Looked reasonable to access the ridge, you can probably drive to less than 1/2 mile of TH.  Grouse creek coverage was enough but going fast.  A bit of a carry from outhouse to continuous skinning.  I posted a TR from the Coleman that has pics.

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Thanks Jason, I read your TR last night. Good info. 

My poor ski bases are already saturated in sap or pollen or whatever the hell it is. I'm going to try a paper bag or cotton T shirt between my waxing iron and base to draw it out. 

Did it seem like the steeper sections of snow and ice will be firm enough to front point and sink bomber tool placements?

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@blake_taruscio I think it will depend on if we get a freeze.  The snow has transitioned and is fairly well consolidated.  It should climb just fine if it is cool enough.  I suspect that everywhere except the ice cliff will be breakable crust with solid foot and vertical axe placements.  But maybe it will be firmer than I suspect.

Citrus based cleaner will remove the pollen, as will WD-40 (or proper ski base cleaner if you're less of a cheap bastard than me).  It takes the wax off too, so you'll need to re-wax. 

Good luck, such a fantastic route!

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