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Mount Borah North Face TR + Beta

Kevin Hansen ID

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A few people started hitting me up for beta on how to even get to the North Face of Borah. The last time I went, a member of our group brought along a GoPro. For your viewing pleasure here's the video mashup.


It's very similar to a Cascade climb (long hike up very steep snow).

If this still doesn't do it for you. Go To Mountain Project and look up Psycho Therapy. The approach is the same. By the way, the freeze/thaw cycles are perfect for growing ice in the range right now. The snow pack might not be the safest so do your homework.

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On 10/23/2017 at 11:47 AM, AnthonyLubetski said:

Nice video. Been looking for some Idaho stuff. Beta is pretty sparse. Any recommendations for moderate ice?

If you are referring to ice climbing in Idaho, look no further than Twin Falls. If you park at the famous Perrine Bridge where everyone base jumps off of, you'll see up river and down river an abundance of ice that seldom gets climbed. Good luck on finding out names and rating for the area, most folks that know that stuff aren't too interested in sharing that info or they don't know it themselves.

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More Idaho ice info is found in Teton Canyon outside of Driggs Idaho. Lots of ice and it's moderate to advanced. Keep heading North and you'll bump into Hyalite Canyon. It never disappoints. City of Rocks can grow some ice in good years. Don't think its a big deal ice destination, it isn't. However if you climb ice and you live in Idaho, you have to do it at least once. It's good for you.

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