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[TR] Mt Hood via mass transit. - S.S. 7/21/2017

Lucky Larry

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Trip: Mt Hood via mass transit. - S.S.


Date: 7/21/2017


Trip Report:

How to get to Timberline Lodge w/o a car. Caught TriMet bus to Max blue line to Gresham TC ($1.25). Then Sam (Sandy Area Metro) to Sandy TC ($1.00). Then Mt Hood express to Timberline ($2.00).


Started stumbling at 10 PM. Felt like quitting as soon as I started as I felt too stumbling bumbkinish. And yet, the self imposed Sisyphus in me (tasks that are both laborious and futile) kept pushing/pulling me along. The stars were glorious. I made it to just below the bergschund when I started to feel like barfing. I sat down and took stock of my condition. I then noticed I had the beginnings of a real skull pounding thumper. Alas and forloin I decided to call it a success while I was still in pauseable shape. The foul stench of the mountain's bowels made my choice that much easier.


Although I have done the S.S. several times I still found it interesting. The various combinations of scree, talus, and snow were arranged in a new landscape, and that combined to make an old worn out shoe seem new. Such is the always changing scenery of nature, unlike man.


The folks that run the industry of skiing still bitch about the climbers being on the ski slopes and not using the climber's trail; and yet, it really is misery and mystery to me why to this day the climber's trail is not clearly marked all the way past the lifts. And climbers still boast that getting off route is part of the climbing adventure. I guess the climber's ego is as fragile as the flora and fauna.


P.S. Lost Cam your co-workers are going to punch you for me.


Gear Notes:



Approach Notes:

Mass Transit.

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Cool stuff!! :tup: I also have liked Hood in the summer the couple times I've gone (yes, there's loose stuff, and yada yada...).


How long did the mass transit journeys take (up and down)? And how long did you spend at Timberline before starting to head up? Similarly, how long of a wait, if any, before you got on the bus for the return?

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