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[TR] Archer Creek - By the Time I Get to Arizona 1/16/2017


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Trip: Archer Creek - By the Time I Get to Arizona


Date: 1/16/2017


Trip Report:

what better way to spend mlk-day than indulging in the late reverend's favorite hobby?


wholly shiite muslims, it's goddamn cold in that thare gorge - the hurricane wind really helps hurry you the hell along...


ain't been to work since fuckall - jesus, it's gonna be july before they let us go home - after snowpocalypse 2017 reduced the good people of sw washignton to feasting on their young, i managed to emerge from the ashes of my hopeless dreams n' go diddling into the gorge w/ Our Boy Bryan on a sunday afternoon


ole adam was gracious to let us get all criminal up in his beacon abode - a raging fire led eventually to a raging hangover - arctic skies, a big blow threatening to carry all away - kenny came by n' then it was a 4-alarm hootenanny, us all hepped up n' hollering at the heavens, listening to old school records on the whirly-table - had some soup n' sausage n' got all whiskey-drunk, not caring one bit about the wicked world around us at all...


a deep gray invading my dim conscious as the grisly sun crept above the horizon on mlk-morning - bitter cold n' breezy - biscuits n' gravy at the skamania mart, was worried for a bit it might come right back up n' besmirch the virgin snow


adam had done some snowshowing up the archer creek drainage and had pics of lovely ice - we reckoned it was long odds anybody gotten back up there, given its a bit of an approach and every fool know's there still ton's of FA's available just 5 minutes from the parking lot throughout the gorge :)


not too hard to find - a couple miles east of cape horn take the smith-cripe rd north of the 14 - chains required currently - at the heavily-shotgunned end of county road sign, park n' start hoofing it back into the drainage - a good deal of gems to mine back there - approaches are 30-60 minutes, depending on how far you wanna wander


we did a short, steep 35 meter pitch at the top of a gully - remembered to bring the rope-gun this time, so no need for heroics - there was much more to do, but jesus-god, we were both frozen n' ready for a warm car (the pbr-can clotted w/ ice a minute after opening), so settled for some steep forest cluster-fucking n' side-hilling to scope out part of the cliff line n' scooted


seemed only proper to give The Man credit in the moniker :)



lotza lovely stuff up there


white people all look the same...


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