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  1. My partner and I topped out on SEWS on 7/25 (Thursday) around 12pm, and descended using the South Arete. Early in the descent, he took out his phone to take some pictures, and must've set it down and forgotten it. It's an iPhone SE in a red case. There were quite a few people coming up behind us yesterday, and it seems to be nice weather today, so fingers crossed that someone finds it. If you know someone who was out there on Thursday, please ask them!
  2. Craig at Vantage just this past weekend
  3. Some great images here so far! Here are mine. Alpine: Cragging: Scenic: Skiing: Bouldering: Humor:
  4. Probably a low chance due to the lateness etc, but I'm looking for someone to climb with this Sunday at Smith. I have rope/draws/rack, have been climbing for about 7 years, safe and sane, etc. I can lead through the 10's and follow up mid 11's, though really I'll climb anything - easier stuff, bouldering, trad, whatever. I know it's late notice, but I'll be checking my mail all weekend, so let me know if you're interested!
  5. Oregon Partner Wanted 6/8 - 6/11

    Hey, I might be driving down from Seattle to Bend this weekend to visit a friend, and I'd feel terrible if I didn't take the chance to climb at Smith. Smith on the 8th would work for me. It's been a long winter here in the NW, so I don't think it'll be too hot at all there this weekend. I've only been to Smith once before, so I'm up for anything there - sport, trad, whatever. This has been a shitty winter for me - injuries, pneumonia, etc, so I'm still feeling a little weak, but I'm definitely up for some .10's. My plans aren't totally solidified yet, but yeah, Sunday at Smith sounds interesting to me!
  6. Squamish Partners

    I don't suppose you'd be up for some Squamish action this weekend?
  7. Weekend rock?

    Can't make up my mind about Darrington, so I just wanted to see if anybody's interested in going somewhere else this weekend. I'm up for Vantage, Exit 32 or 38 - all of those are poised to stay dry it seems. Anyone? Vladimir