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  1. Looking for a partner to climb at Exit 38 this Wednesday or Thursday. I'm just coming back from a finger injury and planning to stick to 5.7-5.8, maybe 5.9, but happy to belay anything. Can leave Seattle 9:30am, need to be back by 6pm. I'm an experienced safety-first climber, WFR certified.
  2. Looking for a Mentor

    I strongly disagree. Someone "looking for a mentor" is clearly aware that they have a lot to learn and is invested in learning it. The dangerous folks on internet climbing forums are hotshots with little experience and big egos.
  3. Outdoor climbing partner needed :)

    What days are you looking to climb? Just weekends?
  4. Midweek Baker Ascent

    Looking for partners for a one- or two-day ascent of Baker this month or early June. Flexible on route and whether or not skis are involved. My free days are usually Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Please have crevasse rescue training. Me: mountain rescue, WFR, AIARE 1.
  5. Alpine Partner Spring/Summer 2018

  6. Snowy Things and Rocky Bits

    Sent you a message.
  7. Mt Baker June 29-30

    Looking for partners to climb Mount Baker June 29-30 (next Thursday-Friday). Planning on Coleman-Deming, but open to suggestions. Please have crevasse travel experience. I'm 37, a SAR volunteer with Avy 1 and WFR certification. I was on Baker last summer but didn't summit.
  8. Looking for a partner. Weather is supposed to be good so I'm hoping to do some moderate sport climbing at Exit 38. Flexible on timing, but I was thinking 3-7pm. 5.8ish if I'm leading; a bit harder if I'm following.
  9. Olympus footwear?

    I'm doing Olympus (for the first time) labor day weekend, by the standard route. Because I have a bias towards minimalism when it comes to footwear, I'm contemplating just using hiking boots with strap-on crampons. How steep is the ice and snow? Is this a Bad Idea? Thanks for your input!