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  1. Alpine Partner Spring/Summer 2018

  2. Snowy Things and Rocky Bits

    Sent you a message.
  3. Mt Baker June 29-30

    Looking for partners to climb Mount Baker June 29-30 (next Thursday-Friday). Planning on Coleman-Deming, but open to suggestions. Please have crevasse travel experience. I'm 37, a SAR volunteer with Avy 1 and WFR certification. I was on Baker last summer but didn't summit.
  4. Looking for a partner. Weather is supposed to be good so I'm hoping to do some moderate sport climbing at Exit 38. Flexible on timing, but I was thinking 3-7pm. 5.8ish if I'm leading; a bit harder if I'm following.
  5. Olympus footwear?

    I'm doing Olympus (for the first time) labor day weekend, by the standard route. Because I have a bias towards minimalism when it comes to footwear, I'm contemplating just using hiking boots with strap-on crampons. How steep is the ice and snow? Is this a Bad Idea? Thanks for your input!