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  1. I've got a pair of Black Diamond Cobras for sale that are in like new condition. They are both the hammer version of the tool.


    I used them on one single pitch of pure ice as a trial run, so there are no dings or scratches on the axes or picks.


    $425 pickup in Seattle

    $450 shipped to anywhere in the USA



  2. Want to take your ice climbing game to the next level? Do you want to finally tackle that WI12 route solo? Or maybe you just want to have a nice casual climb of the Eiger Nordwand in 2 hours and 21 minutes.


    Cassin X All Mountains are your answer! Both tools in great condition for pickup in Seattle or Canmore for $300. If you are interested, let me know and I'll send you photos.

  3. Selling two pairs of climbing shoes in very good condition. Both shoes are only for pickup in Seattle or Canmore. $35USD/45CAD cash in person only.


    Boreal Joker Women's size 8: Indoor use with about 30hrs on it. Only used once outside at a crag in Red Rock. Washed throughly many times.


    La Sportiva Oxygym Men's size 41: Indoor use with about 50hrs on it. Only used once outside at a crag in Red Rock. Washed throughly many times.



    Both shoes are in good condition and have plenty of life. I can't get pics on the forum, so send me a message and I'll PM you photos if you are interested.


  4. I'm always up for climbing, especially when weather windows open up during the winter! I also live in Seattle (98101) so would be down to meet up.


    Goals are pretty similar to yours. I've already climbed the Kautz, but would love to do it again.

  5. I've got a few pieces of gear I have picked up over the last year and that looking to get placed in a new home. I am not super motivated to get rid of them, so they are all only for pickup in downtown Seattle (98101).


    CAMP Alpina Ice Axe (57cm) $90 - Awesome T rated axe, used a few times. Some surface scratches from use but nothing that would compromise the integrity of the axe at all.


    Petzl Meteor Helmet (blue) $30 - Used a few times, still in great condition and will keep your dome safe! The helmet doesn't fit my head very well for some reason so I ended up going with a BD.


    Mammut Smart Alpine Belay $30 - Used once, almost brand new condition.


    Grivel Spring Leash (double w/ lockers) $30 - Never used. A friend brought them on accident and gave them to me while on an expedition because he didn't want to carry them anymore (lol). I tend to death-grip my tools so these never got any use.


    As I said, I am not super motivated to get rid of any of these, so they are only available for pickup in downtown Seattle. I will not ship them

  6. Hi all, I was wondering if anybody has been on the South Side/Pearly Gates route of Hood over the last few days. I'm thinking about soloing it on next weekend (7/30), but I also don't want to fall into a crevasse and die.



  7. I just climbed the route a few days ago, and there were a few sections that were pretty iced over and brittle. I used a hybrid axe and a shorter more aggressive hybrid tool. I can see a situation where this route would be a one-axe route, but unless you are really really confident in one tool climbing, the route was clearly not in condition for that when I was on it.


    This wouldn't be my first choice of an ice route if you don't have anybody on the team who is experienced with ice before.

  8. For sale is my lightly used HMG 4400 Ice Pack. It's a great and versatile pack, which has only been used on 2 trips, for a total of 11 days. Its large size, roll-up style, and light weight construction has proven to be very useful in converting between a expedition pack and a summit pack. I also had the pack upgraded with the pocketed hip belt.


    This pack originally ran me close to $400 when I purchased it last June. The condition is still great, all the seams are intact and there are no tears, punctures, or weak spots in the dyneema.


    I am selling it for $200 cash & pickup in downtown Seattle (98101). If somebody wants it shipped, shipping will be added. Pictures on request to anybody.


    Official product link (it does not have the big logo on it):


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