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  1. Looking for a Mentor

    Matt, you also might want to read your personal messages if you want partners. Just sayin'.
  2. Looking for a Mentor

    PM sent.
  3. Buckner NF 6/17-18

    PM sent!
  4. Weekday Mountaineering 7/25-8/14

    PM sent. Let me know.
  5. Anyone one want to climb next week?

    PM'd you. I have all of next week off as well.
  6. Weather looks fantastic. Looking for an alpine summit or multi-summit trip, the more days the better. Doesn't have to be technical. Glacier routes are mostly out of condition now. 15+ years experience in the Cascades, know the area well. Looking to put a trip together ASAP, so PM today or tomorrow latest would be good. Pls include phone # with your message.
  7. July 31 - Aug 5

    PM sent. Would like to have a partner and plan by tomorrow, have several ideas.