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  1. Good lord!!!!!! Two pages and you're still talking about Ladders or Easy-Aiders????? Do you guys use any cam-hooks or other cool aiding tools???? Do you climb ANYTHING other than City Park???? That's great for a lap or two, than it's time to move on and do some REAL stuff, with traverses, sky-hook, beak, or any other exciting moves that make Aid climbing fun. No one has offered any remotely important information to this thread!!!!!!
  2. Buckaroo....The OP asked for help in learning Aid. I offered that. What YOU offer is your opinion on the best way to Aid. I don't see you offering ACTUAL help in teaching him Aid climbing. Everyone has there own way. You come on here like a Troll just looking for a debate. 18 piece's on City Park!!!!! Wow, I'm surprised there was any room for more gear in the crack!!!!! Sew it up!!!!!.;-). Why not help him, or start your own thread for debate's.
  3. Geez, you guys are a bunch of haters. No wonder no one wants to belay you!!!!! Haha.;-)
  4. I only hope someday I know everything Buckaroo.;-)
  5. If you look at the photo I posted, the release holes on the fifi's are connected to the person so you don't loose your ladders, if you understand how fifi's work, you don't want your ladders to get hung up in the event of a fall, if you lose a piece of gear, well.......maybe you'll figure out how to set better gear.....alas to each his own.
  6. Here's my friend Jason on City Park. I set him up on a Solo TR set-up to rehearse cam-hook and fifi hook moves without having to worry about falling. Yeah I know, the hard aiders can flame away for making aid climbing fun and easy.;-) I think learning Aid should be broken down so you don't have to figure it all out at once.;-)
  7. In my humble opinion, I think it's better atleast to start out on etrier' since there is a ton of stuff to learn for aid climbing, I'd atleast try using fifi-hooks instead of daisy chains, having to clip in everytine you move up really slows you down, as well, you can attach a fifi to your belay loop which you hook on to anything in front of you and lean back if you get tired. It's easier to show than explain. If you wanna hit up Index, let me know, I'll hook you up.;-)
  8. Usually what I'll do for building and anchor system when there is no tree or Boulders to sling is, I will place two cams facing upward tie the rope in with lockers, than a third cam about two feet above that, facing down at a 45 degree angle or so, using a locker again clove hitch the upper piece, and cinch the rope in really tight so the upper piece can't rotate. That to me is a bomber set-up, I don't have any photo's on hand, but next time I build an anchor system I'll snap a couple photo's. Hope that's helpful.;-) cheers. B.
  9. That's too bad, Solo TR should be the safest form of climbing there is, as long as you are redundant. Even a back-up knot would be helpful if you choose to only use one piece of equipment. I hope he recovers from his injuries.
  10. I only see one problem with two Micro-Traxion's on one rope. What IF your main device failed and came crashing down on the second device? Now assuming you filed the nipple off, chances of that piece failing are slim, but let's just say it did, and that device came crashing down on your back-up. These devices are only rated for 6kn, so would the second stop your descent? For this reason I use two ropes, So I have two totally separate and redundant systems, including seperate attachment to my harness. Love to hear everyone's thoughts on this.;-) Edit(sorry 4 or 5kn is rating as a pulley)
  11. I prefer to tie some slings(plural) around a BIG rock, or tree, than set a piece clove hitched at the start of the route so your gear doesn't zipper, maybe even two or three piece's at the start, of course there's nothing wrong with bringing a roto-hammer to set-some stealth anchor bolts.;-). P.S. If you do go with option B, send me a P.M., and let me know where there at, or hit me up for a partner, I love Aiding!!!!
  12. I've already mentioned it but the Petzl ASAP is made to go up & down and work when you need it, get to the top and hook up an ATC no need to disconnect the ASAP, but to each his own.;-) Check out the drop test!!!!
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