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  1. Anybody been up Lethould Lately?

    Nice pic. Is this from top of IS?
  2. Anybody been up Lethould Lately?

    Anyone planning on being up there on the route Sunday?
  3. Current Conditions on Emmons?

    Hello! Curious of same question regarding DC route.
  4. Mt. Hood, Leuthold climbers

    Hello! Trying to get in touch with two climbers who were heading up to the Leuthold route last night. We briefly said hello after deciding to bail on conditions not being in anymore. Curious what they saw. Greatly appreciate it!
  5. Current Hood NF conditions?

    Any Leuthold or Cooper Spur summit attempts in last few days? Wondering whether if I might expect the snow to be reasonably protectable (self belay, etc.) this week. Thank you.
  6. Does anyone have any beta on current conditions for Leuthold route, as a possible trip this weekend or next? Curious if it's really done for the season for a first attempt. Thanks.
  7. Question on current Leuthold route conditions

    Thanks for the reply! May wait until following week, or try DKH instead as you can get to the route in the dark and not have so many potential crevasses to navigate in the start like Leuthold.
  8. Mt. Hood - Leuthold route

    Has anyone been up Leuthold route within last month or so? If so, really appreciate any beta - such as any route difficulties, terrain observations, and any protection used. Thanks!!