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  1. Great job! You should feel really good about your accomplishment! It takes a lot of ambition to tackle such a run by yourself. My old ultrarunner hat is off to you! I attempted a completely unsupported run in late September 2004: went clockwise from my car at Ipsut Creek; got to Indian Henry, concluded I was carrying too much weight, turned around, and ran back to my car. Still one of my best runs ever. The running community for these type of runs, although tiny, is much bigger now than it was back then. It was pure lunatic fringe back in 2004. I am too old to hang out with you, but every dog has his day and I had mine. Very happy to see that you are making the most of yours! Good luck on your Infinity Loop! Doing my own Infinity Loop next year as an unsupported hike because the young can't have all the fun.
  2. Current Conditions on Emmons?

    Check the Ranger report of 26 July.
  3. Anyone been up there this past week? Heading there next weekend. Thank you.
  4. Kautz conditions/Descent plans

    Fully understand how the upper mountain changes each year and throughout each year. I was not using Google Earth to avoid crevasses, just to see where the route goes. Somehow the photo is better than a topo map for me.
  5. Kautz conditions/Descent plans

    Got it, thank you. I printed out a Google Earth aerial photo of the Upper Kautz and see exactly where I need to go. It is much better than a topo print out. Two years ago, we were too far to the left side when we got up the second pitch. From that position, I could not see the Upper Wapowety Cleaver. When we moved to the NE, say 2 pm climbers right, we ran into a giant crevass that we could not find a way around. Once again, I thank all of you for helping me out here!
  6. Kautz conditions/Descent plans

    Kurt Hicks: Will do. You and I think alike regarding risk. I was up the Kautz via the Nisqually in 2013, so the Comet Falls approach will be an interesting variation. I also expect the Upper Kautz not to be passable, but will give it a good look. Thank you.
  7. Kautz conditions/Descent plans

    Many thanks for the information. My climb is not until 1 August.
  8. Kautz conditions/Descent plans

    Has anyone been up the Kautz this past week? If so, what approach did you use and how was it? Was there a boot track above the second pitch of the Ice Wall? Thank you.
  9. Rainier Late March Weather?

    Thank you! That link was very informative considering I am planning a trip there end of January.
  10. Rainier Late March Weather?

    truth in that it may not be open for days at a time. however to clarify, at times, the weather is entirely unrelated to accessibility, there is a political process/component to opening the gate. I don't understand what you are saying here. Please explain. Thank you. What I wrote was based upon my direct experience. I went to do a climb in mid-March 2011. The snow was so heavy above Longmire that the road was not opened for three days to enable the plows to clear the road.
  11. Rainier Late March Weather?

    The road from Longmire to Paradise may not be open for days at a time due to weather closure.
  12. Kautz Glacier - Memorial Day

    Mid to late July is the prime time for the guided climbs on Kautz. Nothing but tents at Camp Hazard.
  13. Kautz Glacier - Memorial Day

    I second JayB's response regarding backup plans. I typicallly have 2-3 backup plans when I fly into SEA anytime other than mid to late summer.
  14. Mount Rainier, 3 days with night on summit.

    The Kautz can also be done with an up-and-over approach where you ascend the Kautz Glacier to the summit and descend down the DC to Camp Muir. However, you have to carry your gear to the summit so you should have your light weight kit down solid.
  15. Mount Rainier, 3 days with night on summit.

    Correct. A lot fewer people on the Emmons, but will take an extra day due to the typical two-day hike up from White River to Camp Schuman. However, I suggest the DC for an internet-recruited team. Due to the high traffic by guided teams on the DC, all of the major hazards will be well known and fixed lines, protection, and/or ladders will be in place.