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  1. Curious if anyone had been up recently and can speak to the need to bring ice axe and/or crampons for the south approach/descent. Would love to shave a little weight on our trip next week!
  2. Looking to get out this weekend for a cragging or light alpine day this weekend. Smoke be damned. I'm 34, lead trad into the low 10s. I've got a full double rack and prefer an experienced partner. Happy to follow up something stiffer. Possibilities include WA pass, Darrington (depending on how hot the slabs might get), Index cragging or any ideas you might have. Shoot me a text (315-5six0-563oh) -Warren
  3. Would someone be able to highlight on a map where the upper car/bike shuttle spot is? I spend a couple hours trying to find the right road for Prime Rib a few years back with 0 success... I don't ever want to rap those walls again. Edit: Just climbed it yesterday and Mountain Project had all of the info I needed. Easy bike shuttle and ride off. Great 6 hour climb and I definitely recommend linking pitches with a 70m if you don't mind drag. We linked 1/2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, 10/11 (exactly 70m), 12/13 and 15/16 (and could have linked 17/18 with a little rope drag).
  4. Hey, my partner just let me know she can't make it next weekend but I'm still planning on heading to Washington Pass to climb Saturday and Sunday. I've got a full rack and lead low 10s. I'd be down to do something else in the near area (Cutthroat, Wine Spires, etc). Also just looking for some people to get out with for some moderate alpine/trad days while the season is still good! Shoot me a message if interested! Warren w.e.hellman@gmail.com
  5. Anyone down to climb this weekend out in Tieton? I'll be around Yakima Friday for some work and looking to camp/climb Saturday and Sunday. I've got a full rack/rope so hit me up if you are free! w.e.hellman@gmail.com 315-560-5630
  6. Just climbed this today. It certainly scratched all of the alpine itches: exposure, wildness, views, solitude (only party up there). Really fun pitches with the dihedral topping the cake for me. There is still a good amount of loose holds and flakes (P4 flake that you stand on isn't long for this world). It has the alpine weather too. We charged up it while MHB was shrouded in mist and didn't feel a drop of rain through the partly sunny sky until the summit. By the end of the first rappel it had begun to rain. By the second rappel it was hailing and thundering. Third and fourth rappel we were rapping in a waterfall with the sky lighting up within a mile of us. At one point my partner felt a warming in his arms and his hair started to stand. Not my favorite place to be covered in metal doo-dads. The descent gully was also a waterfall and some pretty powerful flash streams washed out some upper portions of the main trail. We made it down fine and with all the storming and drenched rappels we were car to car in 9 hours. 2 hours each way hiking, 3.5 climbing, 1.5 wet rappelling (didn't need the intermediate rappel on P3 either, a 70m got us to the ledge where we could walk to the next station). Thanks for putting this up! It's a pretty stellar route and I really don't think it would make sense as a mixed route. The few natural protections spots are a pretty dicey mixture of unattached blocks and flakes with some excellent cracks.
  7. Really appreciate the responses! Looks like I'm doing a bunch of climbing this summer!
  8. Hey folks, Solid guy, 31, looking for regular weekend adventure partners. I've got most weekends free. Looking for day cragging and alpine multi-moderates. Many ropes, double rack and I work for a brewery so beer is on me. Email at w.e.hellman@gmail.com! Why does this feel like a dating site?? Warren
  9. Saturday 7/18 my partner and I got both 60m ropes stuck on the final double rope rappel of Chianti Spire (blue and red ropes). We bounced, tugged, prayed and finally bailed after sundown to not have to do the entire return slog in the dark. Not sure what the hung the rope up but it was too late to jug up and free it. If somehow you come across them, willing to help out with a nice reward. You can email me at w.e.hellman@gmail.com Thanks!
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