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  1. WTS - Ice tools and crampons

    I've got a pair of Nomics and G14s for sale if anyone is interested. They're in Bellingham but I would be happy to split shipping if you live afar. http://bellingham.craigslist.org/spo/5427748644.html
  2. We just had a rack of singles from a purple master cam to a #3 camelot, a set of stoppers, and 10 alpine draws (7 single, 3 double). I think we placed 4 pieces on each pitch. The rock was questionable in a lot of places on the route we took and the climbing was mellow. I'd imagine we would have placed more on the actual 5.7 route.
  3. We attempted the NW buttress route on Saturday, and found it really difficult to locate. The route description mentioned heading up to the inside col. We kicked steps up to the snow crest but when we reached the top we found ourselves on what looked to be the west ridge. Guess we were too focused on climbing the snow and missed the "twin cracks" (there are a lot of features on the NW aspect that resembled the description but it wasn't obvious). We climbed it in two pitches to the top. Rock quality was less than ideal but the vista on top was well worth the effort. The glissade down the SE side was a definite highlight. Good luck and safe travels!
  4. Jammies are back

    blicard.com is carrying Ocun gloves. I think their supply is pretty limited though.
  5. Awesome! I met Jessica and Geoff in Leavenworth a few weeks ago. Their level of stoke is very inspiring!
  6. [TR] Mt. Slesse - Northeast Buttress 8/21/2013

    Great read. I'm even more psyched to get on it!
  7. GONE

    Pm sent
  8. Early season Tieton

    Thanks man.
  9. Early season Tieton

    Anyone have insight into how early Tieton is climbable? My buddies and I have never been and are thinking about heading over mid-March. Would this be worth our time or should we just head to Vantage?