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  1. I've been back on that side of Olympus. There is still much wreckage at the toe of the Humes. We didn't see anything large tho, just relatively small pieces all over.
  2. Folks tend to have their own wants and needs when it comes to these things... But my favorite (and I've used many different packs of this size over the years) is the Patagonia Linked 16. Here are my reasons - - I like that it has a rope strap on the top - I like that it has an outside zip pocket - The shape is is not as long as some other packs of this size so it doesn't hang too low (of particular importance if you, or your partner, is small/short) - durable - great size for long rock routes. We generally use it as a followers pack and it fits shoes, food, water, insulating layer, perfectly for two.
  3. Thanks for the great TR - Alaska Range climbing is so beautiful. Out of curiosity what camera were you using?
  4. Patagonia DAS Parka, Men's Medium. Orange. Like new condition except for large patch on back (see photo). Patch job is great. Looks slightly silly but still in great condition. $115 shipped, or $100 local Seattle or Leavenworth pickup. twozero6 eightfour9 Or PM 64four5
  5. Sale pending on screws, Summit Rocket 40 with zip top sold. Sale pending on crampons
  6. Selling 9 older generation BD ice screws. These are the generation that has the coffee grinder knobs, but not the newest version (which have longer teeth and stainless hangers). would prefer to sell as a set to someone getting into ice climbing but I'll consider selling individually. 7 of them are "blue" (16cm) 1 is "yellow" (13cm) and 1 is "green"(19cm). $80 for the set or $10 a screw. Located in Seattle. two06 eightfour9 sixfourfourfive Also selling never used crampons - CAMP - Stalker Semi-auto. Link to info http://www.wildernessx.com/stalker-semi-automatic.html?gclid=CInQ9bSMmMgCFUSCfgod7f8BxA Selling for $80 Also selling two Mountain Hardwear Summit Rocket 40 liter packs. $80 each. One is a zip top, the other a roll top. otherwise they are the same. little use. great light weight alpine pack at 40L. Thanks!
  7. Bump. Price Reduced on Summit Rocket pack
  8. Hi everyone, I'm selling 4 backpacks. Located in Seattle, WA. I can ship to lower 48. #1 - Cold Cold World Ozone. $70 local pickup, $75 Shipped (Information can be found here - http://www.coldcoldworldpacks.com/ozone.htm) SOLD I love CCW packs but don't have a use for this particular one currently (I have and love a slightly modified Valdez). It has some minor abrasion wear on the body of the pack, but the Ozone is made with extremely durable fabric (in other words, the pack has years and years and years of life left) Great all around pack for hiking, climbing, cragging, and city stuff). #2 Cilo Gear 30L Worksack. $50 local, $55 Shipped SOLD This is not the current version. This is one generation older. very minor wear on the pack body. Lot's of life left. I do not have all the original side straps (but these can be purchased from Cilo if need be). #3 Mountain Hardwear Summit Rocket 30L. $70 local, $75 Shipped SOLD This is a great lightweight alpine day pack, or day hiking pack. It is essentially new condition. #4 Mountain Hardwear Summit Rocket 40L. $60 local $72 Shipped. This also is in great shape (little use). This is the zip top version (ie it is exactly like the 30L MH above but bigger).
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