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  1. Who wants to climb something wed/thur. I love index and was pass willing to rock out anywhere.. I live in seattle and have ropes and have racks. Due to an incident last Tuesday I have no mechanized transport. So, pretty much we can beat on my gear, I'll split gas and buy you lunch. Could leave Tuesday afternoon/evening. Let me know what you think. pulda015 at gmail dot com
  2. [TR] mount rainier - willis wall 6/11/1989

    WHOA RAD TR MAN!!!! Looks oddly similar to the TR for the trip to patagonia I never took.
  3. GONE

  4. Cash or trade. I tried em on and they were a bit tight. Thought they'd stretch, but just too narrow for my feet and make them cramp. Looking for cash or trade..... I need a #6 but am open to offers for gear or $$$. I prefer a seattle pickup but am open to anything. Just pm me and I'll pm or email back.
  5. Short notice....

    The sun went away.... but its still dry....
  6. Short notice....

    okay, even north bend will do.
  7. Short notice....

    the sun is out. anyone from seattle want to roll to index?
  8. 4/3-4/4 partner wanted

    Unfortunately I have to go into work tue/wed.
  9. 4/3-4/4 partner wanted

    Looking for someone to get out on some rock with thursday and or friday 4/3-4/4 Have rope and doubles to #4. Waking up after a shoulder injury finally.... so I'm stuck leading 5.8/5.9 max, but will follow 9+/10 or belay on ever.... Anyone interested? PM me or reply here.... im in seattle.
  10. possible shoulder injury

    I sprained my shoulder, possible rotator cuff tear and was too broke and without insurance to take care of it or get it looked at besides resting it for the past 5 months. It feels great, but I'm planning for an awesome trip in June and will be somewhat remote so I don't want to take the chance of it being weak and snapping it completely, if its partially torn. I'm starting up training again and would love to have it looked at now that my insurance kicked in. Can anyone recommend a good doctor for shoulder injuries in the seattle area? Maybe one who climbs and understands these things and the strain that can be put on it?
  11. Trad climbing mentor needed...

    Sorry man, I'm in Seattle, or I'd totally show you some stuff. I don't own a car either, or I'd just take you out to Vantage or something. These people on here who are saying, that asking for teacher is basically asking for something for nothing are damn fools. I had this response 2 years ago when I wanted to start getting into climbing. I was lucky enough to run into a person on here that actually does more than armchair climbing. Guess what the pay off was for him teaching? He now has another climbing partner for life, that he knows plays the game by his rules etc...... why??? because he took the time to teach and expand the sport. That being said, if you drive and feel like having an easy session on Mt. Erie, or hard session at Index (when the rock is dry) and feel like picking me up, I'll get you started, and probably get you introduced to some more people. PM me if you're interested
  12. Is there anyone from seattle Looking to climb something, anything tomorrow and/or friday? Just coming off nursing a trashed shoulder thats kept me weak for the past 3-4 months, so my leading anything over 5.6-5.7 is sketch. But willing to follow up to .9's or .10s depending on length and area, willing to belay on anything. don't care if its cragging or whatever. Index? Vantage? leavy? 32/38? in order of preference. I'm also looking to learn aid. I have a rope and 1.5 racks as well as gas money. I'm jonesing here, someone help me get a little fix. PM me here, or pulda015@gmail.com for a faster response. I'll get back to you ASAP tonight and will wake up before the sun.
  13. WTB: Sky Valley Rock

    Anyone want to part with a copy or know where i can find one?
  14. NW Corner NEWS

    and if no one wants to get that done, how about hunt down some elusive wide cracks at index..... or maybe somewhere better that you know of? being summer it must involve granite or some wierd sandstone i dont know about.
  15. NW Corner NEWS

    Looks Burly, anyone in seattle wanna go get this thing knocked off?