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  1. Protraxion

    I've got a brand new protraxion for sale. Old model. $70 shipped from pdx. Any interest!?
  2. Trying to really thin out the gear closet. Nothing is damaged, but most everything has been used at one point or another. I climb at PG a lot, you can come by my place or meet at the gym to take a closer look: Mythos: Used but resoled and not used since resoling $60 size 38.5 Tradmasters: Used but resoled and not used since resoling $50 size 40 Evolv Devy: Used $40 size 41.5 Locking Carabiners: Used $7 each Nonlocking Carabiners: Used $5 each Microtraxion: Used? (looks new) $60 Gemini Pulley: Used $55 Shipping fees will apply unless you can pick up the items in PDX.
  3. Got my first tour on hood checked off yesterday and plan to make this a big season. I don't work much during the winter so I'm trying to spend as much time in the snow as possible. Looking for partners who are preferably available M-F but weekends are okay too. I'm not super interested in roping up, just in getting out to tour and ride the best lines I can get to without extensive amounts of gear. bonus points if you are a snowkiter as well.
  4. Mid Day/Weekday Gym Partner Portland

    I pretty much only climb during the normal work week hours at Planet Granite. If you want to climb let me know! Bryan
  5. Anyone based in Pdx and free the 22nd and 23rd to get out on your splitboard or skis?
  6. Camalots for sale.

    Lots of trad gear to sell again. Snow is coming and the splitboard needs lighter bindings. All of this gear is lightly used, probably less than a year since purchased. I have doubles of most and triples of some. All Black Diamond: C4 1-3 with a biner $51 each C4 .3-.75 with a biner $46 each X4 .2-.3 with a biner $51 each - sold C3 00-1 with a biner $46 each I live in Poulsbo Washington and travel to Portland frequently for the weekends. Let me know if you'd like to do an in person handoff of gear and cash! Bryan
  7. Avy 1

    Anyone taking their avalanche 1 this season? Anyone have experience with pacific alpine guides for that course? I'm looking at taking it at hurricane ridge in the Olympics and see classes available in December and January. Any recommendations based on expected snow pack and learning opportunities for time of year to do it? Thanks!
  8. Camalots for sale.

    If you're interested in the cams but no carabiners let me know.
  9. I'm moving up to Poulsbo near the Olympic Peninsula tomorrow. Anyone living nearby that is a climber, biker, splitboard/skitourer, kiteboarder who might want a new partner in the area? Hope to hear from ya, Bryan
  10. Ozone 5/16/2014

    Anyone interested in an early morning session at Ozone this Friday? I need to be back in town by 4 to pack and leave for Smith... Thanks! Bryan
  11. Sport/Trad/Alpine/Ski partners in Portland

    I'll join you any time you want a rock partner. My ideal days are lots of 5.10 pitches, trad or sport. I've been climbing as a guide/instructor for about 8 years now, have the amga certs, wfr, and am looking to get to Smith, Leavenworth, and Squamish a lot over the next 6 months. Bryan - Best to reach me by phone/text since I don't check this website too often... 503-593-1626
  12. Ride sharing to your favorite crag!

    Any chance I could catch a ride with my bike to Astoria Monday morning the 19th? Thanks! Bryan
  13. Does anyone have recommendations on how to develop avalanche and snow reading skills? I'm studying The Avalanche Handbook by David McClung/Peter Schaerer as well as Staying Alive in Avalanche Terrain by Bruce Tremper. I stay out of avy terrain due to my lack of knowledge but want to be able to work towards some more challenging objectives and feel as though that's not possible until I understand the dangers that snow provide. With each passing day I seem to pick up more knowledge but need some good practical training opportunities. I don't have the money to take the $375 3 day avy course and would prefer to gain the skills without taking that course. Primarily because I have done a ton of trainings/certifications and I often feel as though they barely scratch the surface of what you really need to know. That being said, if people feel as though the AIARE courses are really worth the money, I'm open to hearing that but would also like some other ideas for learning. Thanks!
  14. Anyone local to PDX and interested in carpooling to catch good snow this season?
  15. Well, it's storming! Riding soon I hope.
  16. G3 skins all ate up

    I swung by next adventure in Portland today. The guys there were awesome, spoke highly of G3 and after taking a quick look at the skins swapped them out for me. No paperwork, grief, anything. Just "Sorry about that, have fun with this set!"
  17. G3 skins all ate up

    My G3's didn't survive the summer well at all either. They were on the skin savers and when I broke them out for the first ride of this season I was dismayed to see the glue had molded itself into the grid formation of the skin savers. As a result the contact on my board is much poorer than when I originally got them. No receipt for me to return to Next Adventure with...
  18. Not quite, but good try.
  19. Super nice Arcteryx jacket for sale. Worn once on a trip up Hood and just decided it's more than I really need for the type of climbing I do. Retails for about $650 at most places and I'd like to get $450 for mine. No damage, no issues, just an almost new jacket located in Portland. Edited down to $375?
  20. ASOLO GTX Fugitive 7.5

    Brand new never been worn pair of boots for sale. Just ordered the wrong size. $165 and I'll ship them to ya. If you're in PDX and want to pick them up I'll nock $15 off the price. Retailing at $225 so they're a steal if they fit you.
  21. Asolo Fugitive GTX 7.5

    Brand new never been worn pair of boots for sale. Just ordered the wrong size and they've been sitting in a closet for a few months now. $165 and I'll ship them to ya. If you're in PDX and want to pick them up I'll nock $10 off the price. Retailing at $225 so they're a steal if they fit you.
  22. Asolo Fugitive GTX 7.5

    Feel free to make an offer on them as well.