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  1. Nice work! A buddy and I climbed Liberty Ridge on 6/3-6/5 and we camped at Thumb Rock. Freezing levels were low (~6,500 ft) during the two days prior to our climb, but we observed very little rock fall from the feature above Thumb Rock and felt safe camping there. Constructing a tent platform took some effort given all the debris but we managed to make a pretty good site fairly close to Thumb Rock on the east side. Perhaps it has since been taken out by more slides (freezing levels climbed to ~15,000 feet the day after our climb).
  2. Thanks for the TR, particularly for the pic of Stuart. A buddy and I will be in Seattle in about a week for a conference and are planning on climbing the N Ridge of Stuart. Can you provide any additional info on the how much snow we can expect? Thanks, Jon
  3. Weather Backup Day(s)?

    Thanks, Matt. I agree 100% and we routinely climb rock in RMNP. We're traveling to WA to hit up the N Ridge of Baker and we're trying to determine how many weather backup days we need. My interest in potential rock routes was merely to fill in unused weather days.
  4. Weather Backup Day(s)?

    A buddy and I are traveling out to WA to climb the N. Ridge of Baker in early July and we're starting to look into flights. We know July has the best weather, but given we're traveling from CO, how backup days would be safe? We're thinking 1 or 2. Our current thinking is: Day 1 - fly & drive Day 2 - Hike to camp Day 3 - summit and back to car Day 4 - backup Day 5 - fly home I realize Baker can be done in a single car to car push, if need be. But should we add an additional backup day to safe? Also, if the weather cooperates, anyone have fun suggestions for Day 4? We could bring the rock rack and climb up to 5.8-5.9 in the alpine. Would something on the Liberty Bell be worth the drive from the north side of Baker? Thanks!
  5. Left ropes on W Ridge of Forbidden

    We climbed Forbidden on Sunday and saw your ropes. A guided group was also on the route and the guide mentioned he was going to take the ropes down and try to return them. I believe he was with IMG. Nice effort on the car-to-car push. We were camped high in the basin and noticed several parties were up there pretty late.
  6. Did you guys feel flotation was necessary to reach a camp around 6,500'? Thanks.
  7. Forbidden Beta

    Hi. I was wondering if anyone has any beta on the West Ridge of Forbidden. Just curious about how much snow is on the route and the approach. Thanks.
  8. Baker - Coleman Headwall beta

    A buddy and I are planning on the N. Ridge in about a week or so. Would you mind posting on how you accessed the north side (if you go this weekend)? We're having trouble deciding between renting bikes to bike up the Glacier Creek road or approaching via the Easton Glacier. Thanks.
  9. Hi everyone, A buddy and I are traveling out from CO to climb the N. Ridge of Baker in mid-June and I just found out the road is closed. We might come up with plan B, but it occurred to me that renting bikes in Bellingham might be preferred to traversing the mountain from the Easton side. Any suggestions on a place to rent a couple of bikes? A Google search revealed Fairhaven Bike and Ski...are there others? Thanks!
  10. Road Closures

    I'm also planning on climbing Baker on June 13. The forest service site doesn't provide an estimated completion date, but anyone willing to wager a best-guess. I'm flying in from CO, so should I start coming up with plan B? Thanks!