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  1. Thanks for the report. I met you in the Grouse Creek Drainage when you were on your way out. You didn't mention that you had climbed the North Ridge!
  2. Alpine and cragging spring/summer

    Can you climb during the week?
  3. Bellingham partner

    I'm also an aging dad from Bellingham looking for local climbing partners.
  4. Whitehorse Mountain in May

    sent email
  5. Thanks for the responses - its my first trip report. Yes, it was a one long day. I slept in my truck and left at 3:40, using a headlamp for just 20 minutes. I got back onto trail just before dark. Went straight to sleep when I got back to the truck. I think it would have been quicker to go back the way I came.
  6. Trip: Sefrit - Ascent Nooksack Ridge, descent SW slopes Date: 6/17/2017 Trip Report: I left Hannegan Pass trail at about 2.2 miles, and descended easily to Ruth Creek. The creek here was fast flowing but only mid-calf deep, and I crossed comfortably with hiking poles and water shoes. On the other side I hiked up in trees avoiding areas with undergrowth. I hit snow at about 4100' and from there it was a pleasant walk to a saddle on Nooksack Ridge and a pleasant scramble to point 6966. I descended the west spur of 6966 in a whiteout, a bit concerned about getting cliffed out, but there were no problems. From there I followed the standard SE ridge route to the summit, with some backtracking. Luckily the clouds had risen and I could enjoy the view. The time from Hannegan Pass trailhead was a little under 12 hours. I carefully descended a patch of steep snow that started about 30' below the summit, then followed moderately steep heather, dirt and rock into the main drainage south of the peak. I rapidly plunge stepped on firm snow to the tree line, then put on crampons for hard snow down to 5100'. Then it got tedious. There was no undergrowth, but there were lots of logs to cross and lots of slippery sticks underfoot. This went on for 2500' vertical, with a steep section of bushwack at about 3300'. I found the old road marked on the map but it was overgrown and impassable. I spent an hour and a half in an awful bushwack to the Nooksack Cirque Trail, which in retrospect I could probably have avoided. Time from summit to the Nooksack Cirque Trail trailhed was a little under 8 hours. Gear Notes: Ice ax, crampons
  7. Mt. Shuksan via Fisher chimneys 6/28

    Check your messages.
  8. Anyone interested in doing this scramble Sunday - Tuesday?