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  1. Sunday and monday 8TH AND 9TH

    Id be down for climbing on Monday, I will climb wherever cause im new to the area! Ive got gear, but have not done much leading.
  2. Olympia Climbing Wednesdays

    Is this still an active wednesday climb?! Id love to join if it is
  3. 1 year old climber looking for partners

    I'm looking for climbing peeps! New to the area I climb in your range too and it doesn't suck, it's fun!
  4. New to the area!

    Just moved here from Colorado. I am looking to CLIMB! I have been climbing about 2 years, have my own draws and a 60m rope. I am based in South Seattle, but am willing to drive and camp for my climbing opportunities! I am looking to climb all over while I am here. I have not lead much, but can climb 5.8-5.10 I have a random schedule that allows me to climb weekends and weekdays. I am off work till July 16 so I'd love to climb soon!!!! Looking forward to climbing Washington!
  5. looking for a climbing partner.

    I'm new to the area and would love to climb! I've been climbing all over Colorado, but just moved here for work. Off work till the 15th of July. Then I have a random schedule after that!!