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  1. 1 year old climber looking for partners

    Hi, Maryann. I also live at Tacoma, WA. Am looking for a climbing partner, too. My all climbing partners are out of town and some of them are still here, but we don't do well on schedule. My schedule also is not normal, it's pretty irregular. So having hard time to find a partner. Do you have time to climb on this Friday 6th? (or if you are interested to go the Edgeworks indoor climbing gym, Thursday 5th afternoon also would work.) I have meeting at 7pm on Friday, but able to climb before that. If you are interested let me know. By the way, I have a rope and quick draws, so we can do some outdoor climbing if you want. If you need information of me... I'll send you message at FB.
  2. Evening of 7-2, 5, 6, 10 and 16th. All day of 7-6, 11 and 12th. Tacoma Wa, or Seattle Wa, or Vancouver Wa. Indoor/outdoor. Sports mostly, but trad is ok also. Leading sports 5.9 easily. Plz let me know. Fun, safe and happy climbing.
  3. Looking for climbing partners all summer

    send you a message through Facebook. Today is the first day that I'm using this site.
  4. Rock Climbing

    PM sent. But don't know how to work well.... Hope it works.